Why even the young and healthy need life insurance

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We’ve got bad news and good news.

‍The bad news is: You need life insurance.

This is the bad news, because I think if we’re all honest with ourselves, you probably don’t want life insurance.

Yes, you’re probably invincible, and you may not have any debt to cover or financial dependents to leave behind, but this doesn’t change the fact that you need life insurance.

When you’re young and starting out your career, which will hopefully result in tremendous wealth and happiness over time, you actually need insurance the most. Because unless you’re a trust-fund baby, your greatest asset is you.

What I mean by that is that you’ve probably invested significant time and money, and made some difficult sacrifices, to get where you are today. And if things have gone to plan, you have set yourself up to be capable of earning money now and into the future.

And unfortunately, whether we like it or not, this ability to earn an income can disappear overnight. So you need some form of protection against the small possibility that this may happen to you.

And this is where insurance shines. There are specific products designed to pay you an income if you can no longer earn an income yourself.

Think about it as the safety gear a rock climber uses to keep herself alive if the worst happens. The harnesses and ropes don’t make climbing the mountain any easier, but they’re there for you should you fall. In the same way, insurance won’t make life and the pursuit of your dreams any easier, but will be there for you if the worst happens.

Now for the good news: Sanlam Indie is here!

We’ve launched a range of insurance products including Sanlam Indie Income Protection, which is designed specifically to pay you an income if you become disabled and are unable to earn one yourself. Not only that, but this income will grow with inflation, and keep paying until you are 70.

Through some pretty slick technology and underwriting thought leadership, we’ve shortened the journey of buying insurance down from days (and weeks) to a matter of minutes.

We will not only assist you in determining how much cover you need, but will also propose the best Sanlam Indie products to meet those needs. Tailored just for you.

And best of all, every Sanlam Indie product comes with a baked-in Wealth Bonus that creates wealth while you’re still alive. When you insure your life, you’re investing in yourself. And when you invest in yourself, we invest in you too.

Da Vinci said that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. We agree. Our products are designed to be as simple (and effective) as possible — delivering on a real need at the right price. And the Wealth Bonus is there to reward you for doing the responsible thing and getting the cover you need. After all, we know nobody wants insurance, but everyone wants a Wealth Bonus.

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