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LocumBaseVETS is proud to announce that we have made it easier for your vet Practice to join the Locum revolution. 

We are an organisational tool that empowers both Vet Practices and Vet Professionals to make the most of their Practice hours. We also empower Vet Professionals to own their skilled hours, allowing you to grow your business. All while the admin of booking a Locum is automated with LocumBaseVETS. 

We envision a future where animal-centered healthcare is present at the click of a button. 

LocumBaseVETS is a team of creative solutionists with a mission. Use our powers for good, challenge the status quo, and create a supportive ecosystem. Additionally, we empower every Veterinary Professional and Vet Practice to do what they love with freedom and flexibility. Also, optimising the business of animal healthcare and ultimately raising the standards of animal care where it is needed most. 

We offer Vet Locums a safe space to set their availability and Locum rates while Vet Practices can find them in real-time using various filters on the platform. 

Essentially, we are a verified open marketplace for Locum vet professionals. 

We’ve recently partnered with Vetmaster, a leading Vet Practice management software company. Continue reading below to learn more about your benefits as a Vetmaster practice software client. 

How to sign up as a Veterinary Professional?

The LocumBaseVETS platform is not like any other traditional recruitment platform because we provide you with a flexible calendar in which you tell us when you’re available. Additionally, you also provide your own hourly rates as well as the location in which you want to receive Locum offers.

If you’re a first-time user of our platform, this demo video will show you exactly how to sign up to the LocumBaseVETS platform. It takes just 5 minutes!

See link to tutorial video

How to sign up as a Veterinary Practice.

By signing your Veterinary Practice to the platform, you gain access to our full suite of organisational tools. You can also post open offers that allow Vet Locums to apply to it or book a Vet Locum directly based on their availability, location, hourly rate and experience.

If you’re a first-time user of our platform, this demo video will show you exactly how to sign up your Vet Practice to the LocumBaseVETS platform. It also takes just 5 minutes!

See link to tutorial video

The additional value that Vetmaster practices will receive:

You are entitled to the following benefits for your Vet Practice.

  • Annual reduced membership: R249/m with a 10% facilitation fee as opposed to the retail price of R299/m with a 15% facilitation fee. 
  • Pay-as-you-book reduced facilitation costs to 15% as opposed to 20% for non-Vetmaster practice software clients.
Additional benefits for Vetmaster clients:
  • A permanent placement fee of 7% on the annual salary of a permanent staff member once confirmed by the Vet Practice.
  • We will also offer the below services aligned to any permanent placement that is booked through LocumBaseVETS:
    • A LocumBaseVETS CV with all the candidate qualifications, experience and copies from the candidates if you wish to request specific certifications.
    • Facilitation and assistance with the set-up of the interview process.
    • Vetting of references against past work experience.
    • A standard template of a contract for a permanent post.

Any labour relations services over and above this will not be offered. All final contracting must be done from the Practice to the successful candidate.

Terms & Conditions: 

If an active Vetmaster practice software client does not opt-in for renewal on an annual basis after taking out an annual LocumBaseVETS subscription, the pay-as-you-book reduced 15% facilitation fee will come into effect.

Sign up to LocumBaseVETS as a Veterinary Professional and Veterinary Practice and join the Locum Revolution!

Feel free to contact us via email or drop us a WhatsApp.

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