Pet insurance: Equip your clients with the right questions

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Pet insurance is important. Be honest, we have all had that moment where we hand the bill over to the client and have to hide the grimace…Eek, the bill for the medical workup came to more than they expected, and you are waiting for the tongue-lashing that you are about to receive. If you are lucky, they say, “Oh, it’s a bit more than I expected, thank goodness I have pet insurance”. If you are not so lucky, I needn’t go there.  

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But it’s not about luck, it’s about you, as a vet, having a proactive approach to promoting and explaining the benefits of all pets having insurance. Whether you are a practice owner or manager or just a Locum, ask your clients to look into it, put some posters up, and have it typed out at the bottom of your invoices and consent forms. Some practices even incentivise their clients to take out insurance by offering a small discount on their bills. Get creative. It will not only save you having to shave off professional fees and devalue your professional time but importantly, it will give you the opportunity to treat the pet to the best of your ability without having the financial worry affect your ability to treat a pet. Let alone trying to explain and get permission from an already distraught client! 

MediPet educates pet owners on the process of pet insurance.

Do you really need to have a long discussion about pet insurance with every client? No, not really – it is tough enough to fit it all into your 15-minute consult as it is. Pet insurers are now making it easier and easier to understand, explain the differences, and make the best choice.  

Your support staff can quickly and easily get the knowledge to support you and the practice by understanding the basics of pet insurance and which insurers or plans work best for each pet. 

Asking the right questions.

There are so many options out there, and growing every day. It is a very competitive market, and every pet and client’s needs are different, so we have compiled a list of questions that you and your team can give your clients. This will ensure clients understand the major differences, ask the right questions and make the right choice for THEIR FAMILY. 

Download the list of questions to ask when shopping around here.

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