Pet Insurance with MediPet: Empower yourself, your staff, and your practice

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These days, power is something we can only dream of and it is often out of our hands. At MediPet, SA’s leading pet insurance broker, we empower you, your staff and your practice. So, whether the lights are on or off, you can still have your bills paid at the end of the day.

One of the unique ways is by paying you directly if you request it and providing you with pre-approvals. We even do upfront payments!

The average veterinary practice’s debtor book is scarily out of control and this gets exacerbated over the festive season. We work in an emotionally charged and intense industry. Very often it’s the practice that takes the hit when the client can’t pay and emotions are running high. As vets, we have all paid a client’s bill, worked extra overtime for no pay and done welfare work instead of spending quality time with our families. There is no shame in this, but it can take its toll on you and the practice’s bottom line.


By getting pre-approvals done before major surgeries and works ups, you can drastically reduce the amount of debt owed to you. Imagine if just one more large bill was actually paid every week and 52 weeks of that? Now that’s more power in your hands.

pet insuranceYour vets will also spend much less time on the phone with clients justifying every diagnostic test. What this may or may not yield, nor weighing up the costs at every step with the owners. It would be so much better if the vets knew, “Right, we have R7 000 to do this work up and GO”. Sounds like a dream, right? But it’s not. It starts with getting your patients insured with pet insurance.

But, isn’t it more admin spending my day selling insurance?

I am a vet and I want to be treating animals. I’m not a sales rep. Here is something you may not have thought of: every call, every consult, every conversation, you are selling something. You are selling yourself and your services. We only get to do our job if our clients have faith in what are saying. A massive amount of time is spent building trust and reputation. We get the client’s buy-in, but so often the next obstacle is, “But what will that cost?” So, you spend another more time selling them on why it’s worth it. If you change your mindset, you can halve the time you spend justifying your work and spend more time doing what you studied so long to do: treat animals.

What about that extra time sending through cost estimates and sending in histories?

Perhaps it will feel like more work initially, but we have seen practices that can now afford to hire an extra admin staff member.

We are here to help. Call us and let’s set up a training session for your team. Have questions? Ask us. We are here to speak to you, to your clients and to answer all their confusing questions.

MediPet is in this to uplift the veterinary care and pet insurance standard in SA. We know it starts in the trenches – with you. Our in-house vets and nurses are right there with you. Most of us are still practicing so we know what you are faced with, and we know that we can help.

So, while it is still the beginning of the year, and as we look back and reflect on the past festive season, let’s think of easy things we can do right now that will make our future selves very grateful. Have the conversation, get your staff to have the conversation with your clients and build a client base that is by the majority, insured. One year’s worth of pushing and focusing on it and imagine how easy December 2023 will be. Now, there’s a new year’s resolution for you!

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