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An interview with Jovana Harkhu, from LocumBaseVETS, on why they chose MediPet Pet Insurance, as their official partner in pet health. 

The decision to approach MediPet back in 2022 was for many reasons and here are just a few:

Industry reputation: 

When we were in RnD with the vet platform build, we found that while the other insurers had a broader reach, MediPet remained the most respected with the vets. This was in terms of their fair claims process and general reputation. The recognition of the good business practice of MediPet was echoed by both the SA Vet Association and the SA Vet Council, leading us to our final decision.

Services & after-sales:

When speaking to pet parents about pet insurance, we were fortunate to have a slice of them that were MediPet clients and all their experiences with the product were positive. This meant that the industry reputation matched the after-sales services.

Plans that suit all kinds of pockets:

As a SAAS company, we understand that a service is not always tangible so, what the customer needs at a point in time versus not right now. The quote to “check out” system is seamless to ensure that the client has an opportunity to ask questions.

Why we wanted a partner: 

The building of LocumBaseVETS is an industry first for the veterinary community. We wanted partners that understood the path of being a first mover and had a good reputation in the industry that they serve.

Why pet insurance:

Non-profit pet services like the SPCA and TEARS are constantly seeing reduced donors. Supporting an insurance partner for the pet industry will help private practices while taking some pressure off public non-profit facilities.

How it works: 

LocumBaseVETS provides a space for MediPet to connect with the veterinary community through a first-in-industry platform.

We are excited and proud about leveraging two respectable and leading quality companies to further support the SA veterinary industry.

A few words from Louise Griffiths, CEO & founder at MediPet & vet nurse:

“MediPet is 100% committed to supporting the SA vet industry. Our investment in partnership with vets extends to our in-house qualified vet team that processes and motivates all claims with the underwriter. We don’t pretend to understand what we insure. We specialise in animal health, not cars or houses. The idea of a partnership with a vet platform, such as LocumBaseVETS, that assists vets with employment opportunities, networking, connecting, and learning more about the industry landscape was a priority for us.”

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