Let’s End Pet Obesity Together!

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Keeping pets at a healthy weight is vital and makes them less likely to have weight-related health problems (pet obesity) later in life.

9 out of 10 pet parents of overweight pets mistakenly identify their pet’s weight as normal. This is widely referred to as the “Fat Gap” and is a key factor in the pet obesity epidemic. Sadly, 92% of pet parents don’t see pet obesity as a serious health risk. 30% of pet parents don’t check their pet’s weight, but the reality is that they just don’t see that their pets are overweight.

Along with regular weigh-ins and a safe exercise regime, the right food can make a difference in helping pets lose weight effectively and keep it off!

Recommend Prescription Diet Metabolic

This powerful nutrition was developed through our years of expertise and leading science. This changes the way a pet’s genes are expressed from that of a fat storer to a fat burner. This helps pets to lose weight effectively and keep it off, reducing begging behaviour and keeping them full for longer. Prescription Diet Metabolic is also available in formulas to support concurrent conditions:

  • Metabolic + Mobility for joint issues in overweight dogs.
  • c/d Multicare Stress + Metabolic for urinary issues in overweight cats.

pet obesity
pet obesity

Unique weight management technology in Prescription Diet Metabolic impacts cell function to help kick-start the body’s natural ability to:

  • Burn excess fat.
  • Move the pet to a fat-burning gene profile.
pet obesity

pet obesity

Promoting vets offering free weight checks

From the middle of November, Hill’s is running an exciting campaign to encourage pet parents to bring their pets to the vet for a free weight check!

Contact your Hill’s Territory Manager to find out more about this and some exciting rewards for the Veterinary Healthcare Team.

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