Truths and myths about a chicken and rice diet

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When it comes to digestive issues, homemade chicken and rice shouldn’t be the first recommendation. It isn’t always as simple, convenient or even effective as it seems. There are also some challenges a pet parent may face with feeding a chicken and rice diet, such as knowing:

  • What chicken to feed, ensuring it is high quality and is properly prepared.
  • How much is the right amount to feed.
  • The amount of time it takes to prepare.
  • When to return to their pet’s normal food.

Following surgery or acute digestive issues, home-prepared chicken and rice is nutritionally inadequate.

Hill’s Prescription Diet i/d is tasty, convenient, nutritionally complete and most importantly, clinically proven.

Here are the benefits of feeding i/d to a pet in recovery, which a chicken and rice diet does not offer.

Chicken and rice diet

Look to the nutritional power of Hill’s Prescription Diet i/d for convenient, tasty and trusted alternatives to homemade chicken and rice diets – available in dry and wet options.

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Chicken and rice diet

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