Unlock the Blueprint for a Stress-Free, Fear-Free Locum Lifestyle

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Considering a shift to locum work? At LocumBaseVETS, we’ve crafted an exclusive guide tailored for veterinary professionals like you. Dive into the realm of locum work with confidence, embracing the freedom it offers in clinical tasks and work-life balance.


Mastering Your Schedule

As a locum with LocumBaseVETS, you become the master of your schedule. Tailor your availability to match your income needs, syncing holidays effortlessly with your lifestyle. Experience the liberty to plan early days or time off without waiting for managerial approvals, offering unparalleled flexibility for both work and personal pursuits.

Bid Farewell to Workplace Dynamics

Say goodbye to workplace dynamics and office politics – LocumBaseVETS connects you with clinics seeking your expertise, where the transient nature of locum work ensures no long-term dependencies. As the saying goes, ‘a rolling stone gathers no moss’ – and with locum work, it’s a hassle-free journey!

Financial Gains in Locum Relief Work

Financial gains become a reality in locum work, with the potential to command higher rates than full-time counterparts. The demand for high-quality veterinary services amplifies the value of your skills, making your cheerful demeanour incredibly valuable.

Navigating Locum Work Stressors

Navigate the unique stressors of locum work with ease, guided by LocumBaseVETS. From determining locum rates to handling shift uncertainty, our platform empowers you to embrace and love the locum lifestyle.

Staying Organised

Stay organised with written confirmations from clinics, detailing dates, pay rates, overtime, and allowances. Inquire about practical aspects in advance, such as parking and dress code, ensuring a smooth transition into new clinic environments.

Thriving in New Clinics

Thriving in new clinics is a breeze with LocumBaseVETS. Leverage your clinical experience and confidence, by asking questions and seeking guidance when needed. Our platform connects you with well-organised clinics, often scheduling your initial shifts with experienced staff members for seamless onboarding.

Preparing for Success

Prepare for success by brushing up on notable cases before your first day and reviewing the schedule for the next day. Communication is key – discuss any discomfort or strengths with the hiring clinic, ensuring a positive experience for both parties.

Balancing Busy Schedules

Manage busy schedules effectively with LocumBaseVETS, balancing productivity with the provision of breaks and overtime pay. As a locum, you have the power to choose clinics that align with your values, leaving behind poor working conditions if necessary.

Building Professional Connections

Network with new veterinary colleagues regularly, enhancing professional connections and fostering friendships. Embrace self-administration with the guidance of LocumBaseVETS, handling administrative tasks like a pro to practice in the most tax-efficient way.

LocumBaseVETS empowers experienced veterinarians, nurses, and vet techs to achieve the Stress-Free, Fear-Free work-life balance they seek. Lean into the lifestyle with us, and you too could be a happy vet! Join the Locum Revolution here!

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