How does LocumBase Vets work?

Veterinary Locums and Practices create a FREE profile on  

Vet Practices will have a 30-day free trial and thereafter your Practice will be sent membership options to help you save on facilitation fees continue with the service.

 The LocumBaseVETS Team verifies all Locum and Practice info by checking registration with professional councils, academic qualifications, and biographical details and approving and activating the profile once all the information is in order.

 Registered, approved Practices can view primary Locum information to make a quick decision, including the area of specialisation, qualifications, hourly rates, location and available dates. 

Practice Managers and owners can select their favourite Locum and book their services directly from their profile with a click of a button. 

Practice Managers can set a Locum offer on the Practice Offers Board where Locums can apply to the assignment.

What about a lunch hour for Locums?

According to the labour laws of South Africa, any person who works for a period of 5 hours or more is entitled to a one-hour lunch break. 

Due to the erratic nature of work in the Veterinary field, it regularly happens that animals need care even when a Locum is on a lunch break. Generally, it is expected that Locums will serve the animal owner and patient(s) as walk-ins to the Practice.

As this is the case, the Vet Practice will be invoiced for all the hours requested from and confirmed with their chosen Locum should no lunch details be specified. Lunchtime information for each booking can be specified in the booking details when the application/booking request is sent. Should an unpaid lunch be selected by the Practice the Locum may be entitled to leave the premises and be unavailable for the allocated lunchtime.

How much does it cost to use LocumBase Vets without a membership?

LocumBaseVETS charges a flat facilitation cost of 20% for all once-off bookings.

If you opt-in to our membership you will pay R299/m with a 10% facilitation cost.

Do Practices pay Locums directly?

No, Vet Practices pay one invoice directly to LocumBaseVETS settling the Locum’s fee and the associated facilitation fee in one easy payment. Transport and accommodation costs will be included in this single invoice if they are applicable and agreed to between the Practice and the Locum in advance. 

What happens if a Practice does not pay?

If a Practice does not pay by the indicated due date on their sent invoice, LocumBaseVETS reserves the right to cancel any upcoming bookings with any confirmed Locum, suspend the Practice’s LocumBaseVETS account and charge interest in accordance with the national prime rate month-on-month on any overdue accounts that exceed 30 days.

The Locum will always receive the full payment due to them for Locum hours completed in the designated payment schedule.

Are the Veterinary professional rates negotiable?

Veterinary Locums set their own rates within market parameters of their profession, location and experience while remaining competitive. Longer-term and Emergency Locum assignments are open to negotiation. We are here to assist you in optimising your Practice at the best realistic rates.

When do Practices need to pay for their booking?

Our Locum payment runs occur on the 15th and 30th of every month. If a confirmed booking overlaps the 15th or 30th of a calendar month, the invoice will be due on the 14th and/or the 29th of each month. For recurring or longer-term bookings, the invoice is due on the 14th and 29th of the month or the last day of the booking, whichever comes first.

What happens if a Practice or a Locum needs to cancel a booking?

In the event that a Practice or a Locum needs to cancel their booking, a cancellation request is sent to the LocumBaseVETS team to review. Terms and Conditions apply in the event of a cancellation which can be viewed in the Ts&Cs section. Cancellations may affect your rating on your profile. LocumBaseVETS will assist in every way possible to replace a Locum that has cancelled or to find alternative work for a Locum should a Practice cancel a booking.

In the event that a Locum cancels due to COVID diagnosis, we will request their test results and manually intervene in the booking process to help the Vet Practice, as far as possible.

What about taxes?

The Locum takes full responsibility to settle all tax obligations as a provisional taxpayer and/or declare any earnings from Locum assignments in their yearly personal tax return. The Practice is at no point responsible for any tax obligation. 

Do you have any other questions?

Please let us know if we missed something, or if you have any other questions and suggestions, by sending an email directly to your team at or WhatsApp the LocumBaseVETS WhatsApp on 079 013 3962.