How do I make myself available to be booked?


Create your profile by signing up with your professional details. You will need your SAVC registration number, a copy of your ID (jpg, pdf, png), and a profile picture (jpg, pdf, png). 


Once you have completed your profile you will be directed to your online calendar where you must specify your AVAILABLE dates for the upcoming 30 days. You can select multiple days at once and specify your available dates for as far ahead in the future as you like. You are also able to specify days that you are UNAVAILABLE where you may not want to work or already have other plans.


Your professional information will be reviewed by your team at LocumBaseVETS to ensure your profile is displayed in the very best way with only the needed information visible to Vet Practices. Once all is checked, your profile will be active and searchable by Vet Practices, Animal Clinics and Animal Hospitals

What about taxes?

As an independent contractor, you as a Locum are responsible to oblige by any and all tax regulations of South Africa that may apply to you. Your full Locum fee will be paid to your nominated bank account and it remains your responsibility to pay taxes as a Provisional Taxpayer and/or declare your Locum earnings on your personal income tax return.

If I set my availability, does this guarantee that I will get work as a Locum?

Your Locum Profile is your space to showcase your skills and let Vet Practices know that you are available to Locum. Setting availability on your calendar does not guarantee that you will be booked. It does increase the likelihood of a Practice looking at your profile. In order to increase your booking potential make sure that your calendar is up to date, your rates are competitive and your bio communicates your skill set effectively. If you need assistance in setting up your profile, let us assist and drop a mail to or WhatsApp the LocumBase Hotline on 079 013 3962.

How does the Locum calendar work?

The Locum calendar is your space to let Vet Practices know your work schedule. You are able to select individual days and set them as AVAILABLE, indicating that you want to work, or as UNAVAILABLE, indicating that you do not want to work or that you have another appointment. Once you have a booking confirmed this will show up as a Booked Day.

If you do not mark a day or period as UNAVAILABLE then a Practice will be able to send you a booking request indicating that they would like you to work on that specific day or during that period. You are still able to accept or decline this request. We advise that you keep your calendar up to date in order to get accurate booking requests for times that you are available.

Are Locum rates negotiable?

As a Veterinary Locum, you can set your own rates according to your skills and experiences are within a market-related range. Your team at LocumBaseVETS are here to assist to make sure they are within market-related parameters and competitive for your services. Longer-term and Emergency Locum assignments are open to negotiation.

How do I accept a booking request from a Vet Practice?

When a Vet Practice sends you a Booking Request you will receive a notification in your email inbox. You will also have a Booking Request on your LocumBaseVETS calendar. You can accept the booking request via your LocumBaseVETS calendar or via your email. Once you have accepted the booking request it will reflect on your LocumBaseVETS calendar and you will receive an email confirming the details of the booking.

When do Veterinary Locums get paid?

There are two payment schedules each month for Locums. If you completed your Locum days between the 30th and the 14th, you will be paid on the 15th of the month. If you completed your Locum days between the 15th and the 29th, you will be paid on the 30th.