How do I book a Vet Locum?


Register your Vet Practice with the basic details and gain access to your Vet Practice Dashboard where you can search for Vet Locums near you. If you don’t find anyone, you can contact us directly at


Search for the Locum you need on the left side of your Dashboard. Only Locums that match your search criteria will show up in your search results. You can choose the one you want. 

What if no Locums are available on the dates that I need?

You can create a Practice Offer and registered, verified Vet Locums can apply from the Practice offers page. You will receive application notifications via email and can accept the Locum you prefer. They come to you.


From your search results, you can view more information on each Locum’s profile and book the dates you need.


You will receive confirmation of your booking request in your email inbox and on your Practice dashboard on LocumBaseVETS.


Once the Locum accepts the booking request (or you accept a Locum’s application), an automatic invoice and confirmation of your booking request is sent to your email inbox.


Once the confirmation is received the Locum assignment is confirmed and booked.

 What if the Locum does not arrive? 

Please get in touch with Team LocumBaseVETS immediately on 079 013 3962 and we will do our best to source a replacement Locum.

Can I send a booking request to a Vet Locum if their calendar is blank?

To increase the chances of finding an available Locum we have a “Maybe Booking Request” feature that allows a Practice to send a Booking Request to a Locum even if they have not set the day as specifically AVAILABLE.

The Locum will still be able to accept/decline this request. If a Locum has marked a day or period on their calendar as UNAVAILABLE then a Practice will be unable to send a Booking Request to that Locum for that day or period.

How do I set a Practice Offer for Vet Locums to apply to?

The first step is to search the Locum directory by specifying criteria for your Locum needs. If you are unable to find the Locum that you want or no Locum is available as yet, you can click the CREATE OFFER button at the bottom of your search results to set up a Practice Offer. Your offer will be live on the Practice Offers board and any qualifying Locum will be able to apply. You will receive applications from Locums and you can view their profiles from there to accept or decline applications.

How does a Vet Practice settle payment?

Vet Practices settle invoices due for completed Locum assignments EFT directly to LocumBaseVETS bank account.

Bank details will be on your invoice.

If your Practice chooses the subscription option, we will bill you one total amount annually and the reduced facilitation costs will apply for each booking as a line item on your invoice. If you would like your subscription to be billed monthly, this can be arranged upon request.